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Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump of TOUKOO Pump: Efficient and Versatile

The Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump from TOUKOO Pump is a dependable and practical answer to all of your liquid transfer demands. This innovative pump is designed to provide seamless and efficient transfer of various liquids. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable features of this product and why it’s a game-changer in the world of liquid transfer.

Suction Tube and Discharge Hose Options

The TOUKOO Pump battery operated liquid transfer pump comes with a 23.5-inch suction tube designed to reach liquid sources effortlessly. This length is ideal for accommodating various container depths, ensuring easy access to the liquids you need to transfer. Additionally, the pump offers two discharge hose options: 35 inches or 51 inches. You have the flexibility to choose the hose length that best suits your specific requirements, providing you with added convenience and versatility during the liquid transfer process.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Liquids

TOUKOO Pump’s battery-operated liquid transfer pump is designed to be compatible with various liquids. From gasoline and diesel to kerosene, light oils, non-potable water, urea, and more, this pump can handle them all. Whether you’re refilling vehicles, transferring liquids for outdoor activities, or performing industrial tasks, this pump is a reliable and versatile tool. Its compatibility with multiple liquids ensures that you can use it for a wide range of applications, making it an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

Impressive Flow Rate and Performance

When it comes to liquid transfer, speed and efficiency are paramount. TOUKOO Pump’s battery-operated liquid transfer pump boasts an impressive flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute, ensuring quick and efficient transfer of liquids. Whether you’re transferring gasoline, diesel, kerosene, light oils, non-potable water, urea, or other compatible liquids, this pump can handle it with ease. Its high-performance capabilities make it suitable for professional use, allowing you to complete liquid transfer tasks with speed and precision.


With our products’ flexible intake hose, battery powered convenience, impressive flow rate, suction tube length options, discharge hose choices, and compatibility with various liquids, this pump guarantees a seamless and efficient transfer process. Whether you’re refuelling vehicles, participating in outdoor activities, or handling industrial liquid transfer tasks, TOUKOO Pump’s Battery-Powered Liquid Transfer Pump is your reliable companion. Get ready to experience hassle-free liquid transfer like never before! If you are confused about this fuel transfer solution, you may want to work with us, I am sure you will be very satisfied with our products and services.

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