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Embracing Innovative Portable Gasoline Pump Solutions


Convenient Portable Gasoline Pump

Safe and convenient fuel transportation is crucial in all situations. The portable fuel pump is a small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry tool, especially suitable for refueling in remote areas or emergency situations, such as oceans, agriculture, and construction sites.
Portable fuel pumps can serve as emergency tools to ensure that vehicles do not break down due to fuel shortages. It can also help users save time on refueling during peak hours. Moreover, purchasing fuel at lower oil prices and storing it in portable gasoline pumps can also help users save money.

Compatibility of Portable Fuel Pumps


Diesel Kerosene

Light Oils

Non-Potable Water


Agricultural Chemicals

Mild Detergents

Heavy Oil


Where Can Portable Fuel Pumps be Applied?


TOUKOO strictly adheres to relevant national and international quality and occupational safety standards, ensuring that every step of the product, from design to production, meets high requirements.


In agriculture, portable fuel transfer pumps can provide a convenient way to refuel agricultural machinery such as tractors and harvesters, as well as refuel lawn mowers to reduce downtime. Portable fuel transfer pumps can also be used to deliver agricultural chemicals.

Off-grid Travel and Racing