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Toukoo Pump is a professional gasoline can pump manufacturer & supplier of innovative portable gas pump solutions. Our pumps are designed for efficient gasoline transfer, portable fuel transfer, and various different liquids for many applications. We offer OEM and ODM service for all our products and excellent customer service for pre-sale and after-sale support. Whether you need a compact 35-inch gasoline can pump or a portable gas can with an extended 51-inch hose option, Toukoo Pump has you covered.




Our Portable Fuel Pump Options

  1. 35-Inch Portable Fuel Pumps
  •  Compact and portable design for easy handling.
  • Ideal for versatile applications in automotive, construction, and more.
  • Efficient and fast liquid transfer.

Our gasoline can pumps are designed with innovative solutions that can save you time and pain. Just with a click of a button your liquid and fuel transferring needs can be handled, making our portable pumps suitable for various industries and uses.

  1. 51-Inch Portable Fuel Pumps:

Our Versatile Portable Fuel Pump with 51-Inch Hose for Extended Transfers.

  • Extended reach for convenient fuel transfer.
  • Suitable for various industries, including machine owners. Home applications, boats, marine needs and you name it. Wherever you need fuel, water, or chemical liquids to transfer, our portable pump can cover it all.
  • A 51-inch long hose is ideal for scenarios demanding extended hose length for efficient portable fuel transfer.

Gasoline Can Pump’s OEM and ODM Solutions


Being a top gasoline can pump supplier, Toukoo Pump’s OEM and ODM services offer tailored solutions for your unique fuel transfer needs. Our OEM service allows you to brand the fuel transfer pumps with your company logo, creating a distinct identity for your products.


  • Expertise in the industry: We are experienced in manufacturing customized fuel transfer solutions, including those optimized for gasoline transfer. The product customization is our unique service that can perfectly satisfy our customers’ specific needs. You can create your own brand or make your own design that is only made for your special requirements.
  • Innovation and Leading tech: Innovative design and engineering can make sure your portable gas pump stands out in the market.
  • Low MOQ & Flexible customization: Flexibility from small-scale modifications to complete making, we will make modifications and testing according to your needs, until our products satisfy your needs.
  • Quality Assurance and Standards: We have obtained US patents in design and quality along with other standard certifications, which can prove our gasoline can pumps are of top quality.
  • Comprehensive Support: We offer comprehensive customer support and after-sales services for your fuel transfer needs. We provide support throughout your partnership with Toukoo Pump.
  • Dedicated Team for Your Project: Dedicated project managers, technical assistance, and regular progress updates for your OEM and ODM projects.
  • Sample Requests, and Prototypes: You can request prototypes or samples before placing a bulk OEM or ODM order. This way, you can evaluate our gasoline can pump’s quality, design, and functionality by yourself.

You can also purchase our portable gas pumps. directly through our website or authorized distributors, if you need a few quantities.


What is the difference between OEM and ODM pumps?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) involves manufacturing products based on the specifications provided by the buyer, while ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) involves designing and manufacturing products based on the manufacturer’s original design. Our OEM service allows you to customize existing designs, while ODM involves creating new designs based on your requirements.

Can I brand the portable gas pumps with my company logo?

Yes, our OEM service provides the option to brand the portable gas pumps with your company logo.

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