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Gas Can Pump Supply of TOUKOO Pump: Efficient Fuel Transfer Anywhere

When it comes to fuel transfer in the realm of OEM service, convenience, reliability, and versatility are crucial factors for seamless operations. TOUKOO Pump understands these needs and presents its Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump, a cutting-edge solution that tackles the challenges of fuel transfer. Next, we will introduce the production and service related to our Gas Can Pump Supply.

Effortless Fuel Transfer with Flexibility

Our Gas Can Pump Supply introduces an innovative battery-powered design for effortless fuel transfer. Powered by four (AA) batteries (sold separately), this pump eliminates the need for manual labor and provides a convenient solution for OEM service providers. With a flexible intake hose that fits most irregular gas cans, measuring 51 inches in length, this pump offers unmatched flexibility in accessing fuel from various containers.

Reliable Performance and Compatibility

Ensuring reliable performance is paramount in OEM service, and TOUKOO Pump’s Gas Can Pump Supply delivers on this aspect. With a flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute, this pump enables fast and efficient fuel transfer, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The suction tube, measuring 23.5 inches in length, ensures that the pump reaches the fuel source with ease. Additionally, the discharge hose is available in two options, either 35 inches or 51 inches, providing versatile fueling options to suit different applications.

Versatility Across Different Liquids

Our Gas Can Pump Supply isn’t restricted to just fueling vehicles and equipment with gasoline or diesel. It boasts compatibility with a range of liquids, including kerosene, light oils, non-potable water, urea, and more. This versatility allows drivers to use the pump for various fueling needs, catering to different machinery and equipment requirements.

Portable and Convenient Design

Portability is a crucial aspect when fueling equipment and vehicles in the field.    TOUKOO Pump’s Gas Can Pump Supply offers a compact and lightweight design that can be easily carried anywhere. Whether you’re working on multiple job sites or need to refuel equipment on the go, this pump fits comfortably in your toolkit or vehicle.


TOUKOO Pump’s Gas Can Pump Supply is a game-changer in the field of fuel transfer. With its battery-powered operation, flexible intake hose, reliable performance, compatibility with various liquids, and portable design, this pump meets the unique demands of many professional persons. Say goodbye to manual pouring and fueling bottlenecks, and embrace the convenience, efficiency, and versatility that TOUKOO Pump’s Gas Can Pump Supply brings to your operations. Fuel your success with TOUKOO Pump!  

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