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TOUKOO Pump’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump: The Ultimate Solution for Liquid Transfer on the Go

Introducing TOUKOO Pump‘s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump, a compact and powerful device designed to make liquid transfer a breeze wherever you are. With its exceptional features and unmatched versatility, our pump is set to revolutionize the way you handle fuel and other liquids. Let’s delve into the remarkable qualities of this Portable Fuel Transfer Pump from us and discover why it’s a must-have for all your liquid transfer needs.

Unparalleled Portability and Convenience

Our Portable Fuel Transfer Pump brings unparalleled portability to the table. Powered by four (AA) batteries (sold separately), this pump offers complete freedom from electrical outlets or cumbersome power cords. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to take it with you on the go, so you can effortlessly transfer liquids wherever the need arises. Whether you’re camping, boating, or working at a remote job site, this pump ensures that you’re always equipped for seamless liquid transfer.

Flexible Intake Hose for Irregular Containers

With a 35-inch black flexible intake hose, this pump fits most irregular gas cans and containers with ease. Say goodbye to spills and leaks during the transfer process. The flexible intake hose adjusts comfortably to various shapes and sizes, ensuring a tight and secure fit. This feature provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your liquid transfer will be both efficient and mess-free.

Outstanding Flow Rate for Quick Transactions

In the case of liquid transfers, speed is critical. With a remarkable 2.4 gallons per minute of flow rate, TOUKOO Pump’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump makes transfers quick and easy. Time is saved when using this high-performance pump for liquid transfer jobs like refuelling cars, moving fuel for outdoor equipment, and other similar tasks.

Suction Tube and Discharge Hose Options for Versatility

TOUKOO Pump’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump comes equipped with a 23.5-inch suction tube designed to reach fuel sources effortlessly. This length is ideal for accommodating various container depths, allowing you to access fuel easily, no matter the size of the fuel source. In addition, the pump offers two discharge hose options: 35 inches or 51 inches.

Suitable for a Large Variety of Liquids

Beyond just fuel, TOUKOO Pump’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump is incredibly versatile. Along with these and many other liquids, it works well with light oils, non-potable water, urea, diesel, gasoline, and more. This makes it a useful tool for a variety of uses, such as industrial, automotive, boating, and agricultural purposes.


When it comes to portable and efficient liquid transfer, look no further than TOUKOO Pump’s Portable Fuel Transfer Pump. With its portable design, flexible intake hose, battery-powered convenience, impressive flow rate, suction tube options, discharge hose choices, and compatibility with various liquids, this pump is your ultimate solution on the go.

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