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51-Inch battery-Operated Fuel & Liquid Transfer Pumps

Our 51-inch battery-operated fuel & liquid transfer pump is an innovative solution for efficiency, portability, and hassle-free refueling for both commercial and personal applications. Our battery-operated liquid transfer pump can be used in a variety of industries such as automotive repair, construction sites, agriculture, boat maintenance, personal uses, and more. Because of their versatility and compatibility with different liquids, battery-operated liquid transfer pumps from Toukoo Pump are ideal choices for transferring liquids and fuels.



Handle Fueling Challenges with 51-inch Portable Gas Pumps

51-Inch Domination: Refuel even the most obscure and distant tanks with ease. Our extended hose eliminates the need for awkward positioning or multiple pumps, which can increase your efficiency and save you time.

Battery-Powered Solution: Our portable gasoline pumps run on powerful batteries, offering flexible, on-demand refueling anywhere, even in remote – off-grid locations.

Portable Design, Built for Bulk: Compact and lightweight design makes our portable gas can with pump easy to transport and deploy, ideal for high-volume fueling operations across diverse applications.

Beyond Gasoline: Our versatile battery-operated liquid transfer pumps handle various liquids, including water, diesel, lubricants, and other chemicals, making them a multifunctional transferring tool for any needs.

Toukoo Pump – OEM & OEM Portable Gasoline Pump Partner

OEM & ODM Expertise: We collaborate with businesses to design and manufacture custom pumps that meet your specific requirements, branding, and operational needs.

Bulk Order: Our streamlined & professional production process and supply chain can provide efficient delivery of large quantities for your business or personal needs. You can also become our distributor and have a partnership with us.

Top Quality Battery-Operated Fuel Transfer Pumps: We use premium quality materials and strict quality control to guarantee our battery-operated fuel transfer pumps have the best quality in the industry.

Customer Support: Our team of technical experts is always here to assist you with pre-order consultations, after-sales support, and ongoing maintenance guidance.


  • Machine owners:

Car owners and mechanics can use our portable gasoline pumps for different uses, such as transferring oil, gasoline, or other fluids during oil changes or refueling. No need to lift heavy fuel cans – all can be done with the press of a button.

  • Construction & Agriculture:

Handle remote refueling challenges and keep your machines running smoothly with our battery-powered and portable gasoline pumps.

  • Boating and Marine Use:

Boaters can benefit from the convenience of our battery-operated liquid transfer pump for transferring fuel or water between containers and the boat. The portability and extended hose length make refueling on the water a breeze.

  • RV and Camping:

Make camping trips more enjoyable by using our pump for easy fuel or water transfers. The portability allows for efficient refueling of generators or vehicles, allowing you to have a worry-free outdoor experience.

  • Agricultural applications:

Farmers and agricultural workers can utilize the pump for transferring chemicals or fertilizers to sprayers. The extended reach of the hose makes it easy to use for any application.

Contact Toukoo Pump today for OEM, ODM,distributor, or wholesale service for your portable gasoline pump needs, our experienced team can provide you with a free consultation and quote. You can also request a free sample before placing an order or consider collaborating with us.

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